Research on the relationship between blood type and disease susceptibility has been going on for a long time. Their results are contradictory, often controversial, but interesting. Which blood group is the luckiest?
As the doctor-cardiologist Vladimir Podkhomutnikov told the publication “Doctor Peter”, the owners of the first and third blood groups tolerate vaccinations worse than others.
The first group is characterized by high sensitivity to vaccinations, and its owners in the first three days after vaccination may experience fever, irritability and lethargy.
The post-vaccination period is well tolerated by those who have the second group. They have a sensitive stomach and intestines, so oral vaccination can cause a negative reaction.
In the third blood group, there is often a poor reaction to vaccinations, as in the first. In the fourth group, negative reactions to vaccinations are usually not recorded, but oral vaccines are also not recommended for them.
Blood type that gives “invulnerability” to cancer and coronavirus
According to scientists from the Medical Faculty of the Karolinska Institute (Sweden), blood type affects the predisposition to developing cancer. In their large-scale study, experts studied thousands of medical records, comparing the diagnosis and blood type. The study lasted 25 years.
The owners of the second blood group can neutralize the risk of developing cancer with the help of a healthy lifestyle more successfully than others, the scientists noted.
In a study by American scientists, people with the second blood group have an increased risk of developing stomach cancer. And in the third and fourth groups, there is a risk of developing pancreatic cancer. Owners of the first blood group get cancer less often than others, for them the risk of developing cancer of the gastrointestinal tract is high.
Chinese scientists reported that the most favorable prognosis for already existing stomach cancer occurs in owners of the fourth blood group. The most negative – in people with the second group.
Do not consider your blood type as a sentence, doctors advise. In each case, the predisposition to one disease is compensated by something else.
According to French experts, the owners of the first group have distinctive indicators in the work of the brain, their memory practically does not deteriorate with age. Still such people are not threatened with strokes and heart attacks. Experts called the first blood group “the strongest”: it supposedly has a lower coagulability, and this reduces the load on the brain and heart.
As for the coronavirus, the owners of the second group are more likely to become infected with it, Russian scientists said. The well-known virologist Felix Ershov has repeatedly noted that this is due to the peculiarities of their interferon system.
Blood group and diabetes in women
Compared with women with the first blood type, women with the second group are 10% more likely to develop type 2 diabetes, and those with the third group are 21% more likely, according to a study by British physicians.