Online publication Food News (Taiwan) published an article about the benefits of Brussels sprouts on the human body. Brussels sprouts contain a large amount of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. It also has an antioxidant effect and helps protect against certain types of cancer.
Brussels sprouts are a member of the cruciferous genus, not very common in cooking, but they provide great benefits to the body when properly prepared. If you eat about 150 grams of Brussels sprouts per day, then the body will receive: Vitamins K, B6, C, folic acid, manganese, fiber and choline.
Vitamin K – ensures the functioning of the blood coagulation system and strengthens bones. Vitamins B6 and C – strengthen the immune system and help the body properly absorb iron. Brussels sprouts are one of the important sources of plant fiber for the body. The latter contributes to the normal functioning of the intestines.
Scientists have found that Brussels sprouts contain sulforaphane, a substance that has anti-cancer effects. It inhibits the work of deacetylase, which promotes the development of tumor cells of various nature. If you eat Brussels sprouts more often, you can reduce the risk of developing cancer of the colon, esophagus, ovaries, liver, pancreas and prostate.
The unpretentious preparation and simple storage conditions of Brussels sprouts will help people to include them in their diet, especially since they have many useful properties.