Oncologist and surgeon Ivan Karasev recalled the dangers of smoked sausage, which contains no less carcinogens than cigarettes. Smoked meats, according to the doctor, should not be present in the daily diet.
Approximately eighty percent of all forms of cancer are associated with the harmful effects of carcinogens on the body. Such substances provoke irreversible changes at the biological level, which can be the cause of the development of cancer https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cancer. Karasev noted that smoked cooking significantly increases the level of carcinogens in food.
Scientists have proven that there are as many carcinogenic compounds in fifty grams of smoked sausage as in a pack of cigarettes. That is, if you eat one hundred grams of smoked sausage, then the harm to the body will be even more serious than from a smoked pack of cigarettes.
“Smoked sausage, bacon, ham and canned food are not the products that should be on the daily menu,” Ivan Karasev emphasized. The oncologist added that you should eat more vegetables and fruits, but remember to thoroughly clean them. “It is very important to remove a thick layer of peel and tops of root crops. Potatoes should be heat-treated peeled and cut into slices. Two or three upper layers should be removed from cabbage. It is better not to eat the core of carrots,” said the doctor.