American scientists representing Harvard University have established which back pain may indicate an early stage of cancer development. As the online edition “Actual News” writes, timely seeking medical help increases the likelihood of successful treatment of oncological diseases.
Nearly 20,000 people in the UK have developed cancer due to factors related to the novel coronavirus pandemic. This situation is also typical for other countries – this is the flip side of the work done to contain COVID-19.
In an environment where people are afraid to appear in medical facilities for fear of contracting a coronavirus, knowing the main symptoms of cancer in the early stages of development is of particular importance. One of these symptoms, according to American researchers, is back pain.
“If there is constant discomfort in the lower back, then this can be an alarming sign. Such pain may indicate a progressive tumor of the stomach or intestines If there are factors such as weight loss, numbness in the limbs and chronic fatigue, then it is better to consult a doctor. In the case when the pain intensifies during movement, you need to seek medical help immediately.Back pain can occur due to bone cancer, as well as due to some other oncological diseases, “the experts say.